Strike periode 5/12/08 to18/12/08 convertion to leave

Govt. of India
Ministry of Communications & I T
Department of Posts
(SR Section)
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001
No. 1`0-12/2007 - SR Dated 27-10-2008
All Heads of Circles
Subject:- Strike of Postal employees/GDS w.e.f 5.12.2000 to 18-12-2000 decided under the principle 'No work no pay' - its conversion in to leave.
The Hon'ble Minister of Communications & IT has decided to treat the period of strike from 05-12-2000 to 18-12-2000 as E.L accumulated during the year 2000-2001. which may be worked out and communicated to Directorate before giving effect in this order for making budgetary provision. This will be subject to the officials making specific request in this regard which will be examined in the Directorate in terms of provisions contained in F.R 17-A and the relevant guidelines dealing with the subject.
The claim being time brred all provisions relating to the pre-audit of bills will need to be taken care of. Necessary action may be taken to comply with the order of the Hon'ble minister. The Hon'ble Minister has taken the above decision as a one-time measure and it is not to be quoted as precedent.
sd/ Subash Chander
Director (SR & Legal)

Posted at FNPO Vadakara Division

Additional duties of Postman Staff

No. 25 – 20 / 2008 PE. I 25.11.2008
Subject: - Additional duties for Postman / Delivery Staff
On account of changes in work scenario of the Post Offices brought about due to the induction of technology and primacy of business products, the duties and responsibilities of the postman have undergone a vast change. In order to incorporate these changes, the following duties are prescribed in addition to the duties already prescribed for Postman/Delivery Staff in the Postal Manual Volume VI/ Chapter III.

Additional Duties of Postman / Delivery Staff :
(i) Data Entry in various modules (Postman, Speednet) of Meghdoot software of all mail articles given to them for delivery. This duty will be performed during the 80minutes period (60 minutes before the hours of delivery and 20 minutes after return from the beat) on each working day within the overall duty hours
(ii) Assistance to Sorting Postman/Head Postman in beat sorting, whenever available. Where there are no posts of Sorting Postman / Head Postman, the Postman will attend to beat sorting.
* Delivery of any pamphlets or Brochures presented under Direct Post.
* Collection of surplus cash from sub Post Offices lying in the beat and remitting cash to the main post office to which they are attached, whenever ordered by the Postmaster.
* Assisting in Table sorting, Segregation of missent articles, misdirected articles and Beat sorting.
* Preparation of special delivery slips for bulk addressees by data entry in the postman module.
*Sorting of accountable articles and Money Orders beat wise and their entry in the computer system for printing the delivery slips.
*Entry of undelivered accountable articles/money Orders in the postman module.
*To act as an agent for promoting PLI/RPLI and Business Development Products.
* Assistance to the treasurers in sorting of the currency notes and making bundles denomination wise and also escort the treasurer while drawing and remittance of cash to Bank/Treasury.
*Drawal of revenue stamps from treasury/sub treasury if ordered by the Postmaster.
* Utilizing the services for data entry of RPLI / PLI proposals and generating acceptance memos for policies on payment of some incentive.
* Preparing the beat list and the beat map of the beat and updating the same on a regular basis.
* Any other duty assigned by the Department / Head of the office.
2. This has the approval of Secretary (Posts)