Friday, 12 December 2008
Secretary General, FNPO Met Shri.P.K.Gopinath, CPMG, Delhi.
Today afternoon our Secretary General, FNPO Shri.D.Theagarajan met Shri.P.K.Gopinath, CPMG, Delhi Circle and who is the Chairman of the Committed appointed by the Department to examine and implent the GDS Committee (Sri.R.S.Natarajamurti) recommendations and had a hour long disucssion. The following issues were discussed :
1. Modified TRCA on prorata basis.
2. Existing Bonus formula should continue.
3. Existing DA which is paid to the regular departmental officials should be paid the GDS also.
The Secretary General has informed him that there cannot be any compromise on the above issues.
Detailed Circular will be issued in due course.