Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Minutes of the Meeting held with Secretary (Posts) on 13.1.2009
Secretary (Posts) (Chairperson) took a meeting with Federation of National Postal Organizations on 13.01.2009 to discuss pending issues of Postal Employees. The following were present.Official Side Staff Side1. Shri.S.Samant, Member, Postal Services Board 1. Shri.D.Theagarajan, Secretary General, FNPO2. Shri.R.K.Singh, Member Postal Services Board 2. Shri.D.Kishan Rao, General Secretary, NUPE Group ‘C"3. Shri.Kamlesh Chandra, DDG (P) 3. Shri.T.N.Rahate, General Secretary, NUPE PM&Gr.D4. Shri.A.K.Sharma. DDG (Estt.) 4. Shri.A.H.Siddiqui, General Secretary,NURMSE MG&Gr.D5. Shri.V.C.Kajila, Director (SPN)6. Shri.Subash Chander, Director (SR & Legal)The meeting started with preliminary remarks of Secretary General, FNPO in which he thanked the Chairperson for arranging the meeting and assured that FNPO and its affiliated Service Associations will not join the strike likely to commence from 20-01-2009, notice for which has been given by NFPE and its affiliated Service Associations. The Secretary General also requested the Chairperson to hold periodical and JCM meetings in time and the request was acceded to. Thereafter, item-wise discussion was held and the list of discussion is as follows:-Item No. 1: Constitution of anomalies Committee (Postal)The Chairperson informed that needful will be done in this regard.Item No.2: Vacate the stay in Madras High Court early on verification of membership.The Staff Side was informed about the action already taken by the Department in regard to filing of miscellaneous petition for getting early listing of the case. The Chairperson directed for regular follow up in the matter.Item No.3: Modification of Natarajmurthy Committee’s recommendations sought by FNPO.The Staff Side was apprised that the Report of Nataraja Murti Committee was still under examination by a group of Senior Officers of the Department. However, the Chairperson agreed to the demand of the Staff Side to get release of the report expedited.Item No. 4: Fixing the wages of RRR/Part Time/Contingent Staff on par with Departmental Employees.The Staff Side was apprised that as advised by Internal Finance Wing, the issue is being referred to the DOP&T. On the point of taking into account HRA, CCA etc., for computing the wages, the Chairperson directed for examination of the matter.Item No. 5 and 6: (i) Request to implement April 2007 Strike Settlement(ii) Discuss charter of demands which was submitted by both theFederations on 15.02.2008
The Staff Side was informed that the present position in regard to the issues referred to above has been shown in the Action Taken Report circulated among them. However, the Staff Side drew the attention of the Chairperson to the following issues which were part o the above references.(a) Abnormal delay in payment of OTA and Medical reimbursement(b) Filling up of residual vacancies© Conferring of temporary status on casual labourers.The Chairperson stated that the above issues will be examined. In the context of filling up of residual vacancies, Member (P) suggested the staff side that their circle unions may have a meeting with the Circle Heads.Item No. 7: Discuss cadre review, ACP Scheme, system administrator and Marketing Executive.In the meeting held on 16.09.2008 with the staff side under the Chairpersonship of the then Member (P), the Federations were advised to submit detailed proposals to facilitate examining their demands. The proposals from the Federations are still awaited. However, during the course of discussion on this item, the staff side inadvertently mentioned that they had submitted the proposals. In fact the proposal are yet to be received and these will be examined after receipt. In the context of cadre structuring of System Administrators, the staff side stated that the interest of the existing incumbents should be taken care of, upon which Member (D) made it clear that this aspect will be looked into.The Staff Side was informed that formal order from Department of Personnel & Training /Ministry of Finance on the modified ACP Scheme are awaited. The issue will be examined after receipt of details from DOP&T /Ministry of Finance.Item No. 8: Withdraw the SLP against the RRR candidates and absorb them in the Department immediately.The Staff Side was apprised that the SLPs were filed on the advice of Ministry of Law and Justice and the matter is now subjudice.
Item No. 9: Granting notional fixation for Artisan Grade I in MMS on par with Railways and Defence.The Chairperson advised the Staff Side to have a separate meeting in this regard with DDG (Estt.)Item No. 10: Increasing number of posts of LSG, HSG II/HSG I in Circle Offices and DPLI Kolkata.The Staff Side was informed that distribution of posts was done on the basis of workload and on the requirement of posts projected by each Circle. The discussion was summed up by the Chairperson with the observation that the issue will be looked into.Item No. 11: Withdraw decentralization of PLI and RPLI function.The Staff Side was informed that as on date only work relating to acceptance of proposal and issue of PR book was decentralized at divisional level. The Staff Side was of the view that in the wake of technological developments, need for decentralization may not be there. In response to the above, Member (D) stated that PLI/RPLI was a very competitive product and we have to be extremely cautious in handling it. Member (D) further mentioned that technological developments will dictate its own system.Item No. 12: Dropping of proposed move to decentralize Postal Accounts.The Staff Side was informed that no decision to decentralize the Postal Accounts Offices had been taken so far. The Chairperson further clarified that view of the Staff Side will be taken before taking any such view in future.Item No. 13: Restore three year periodicity for promotion to senior Accounts cadre.The Staff Side was informed that the matter was under examination in consultation with the DOPT/Ministry of Finance.Item No. 14: Accord Early sanction of justified posts in Postal/RMS/MMS wings.Suitable instructions will be issued in this regard.Item No. 15: Allow officiating arrangements in HSG II and HSG I cadre as per provisions of P&T Manual Vol. IV.The Staff Side was informed that matter would be looked into.
Item No. 16: Remove the transfer policy. Not to post officials in ‘C" class post offices for the second time.The Staff Side was informed that matter would be looked into.The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair.